26th of April, 2018

Minutes 19 April 2018

Minutes of St Andrews Fairtrade Town Campaign group 19thApril 2018


Present: MR, AC, AH, PR

Apologies: MP, IC, MS, AM, JC


Matters arising

·   PR did not receive a reply to his letter to Kilrymont Madras. 

·   AC to contact Morrison’s again to arrange a visit for group members to discuss the supply of Fairtrade products with the manager.                      ACTION AC


Finance:  The balance is £124.68.  


Fairtrade Fortnight. 

·   The Powerpoint presentation at the Byre was considered a great success.  We thank MS very much for her work in producing this. PR to check he has a copy.  MP/MS to request that the Byre show it again.                                         ACTION PR/MP/MS

·   Unfortunately the Fortnight coincided with the snowy weather and this caused the cancellation or postponement of several events.

·   The Chocolate Case will be screened at the Byre at 6pm on 10thMay.  Publicity for this to include the Citizen’s Community Pinboard and Bunny Slack’s mailing. AC to contact MS re promotion within the University.                          ACTION AC

·   Finders.  We have plenty to distribute.   MR to recirculate the list of premises visited by group members so that each of us can revisit them and deliver a few Finders to each of those that sell Fairtrade products.          AC has the stock of Finders and will circulate them as required.                                    ACTION MR/finder team

·   Certificates. AC to ask JC for data on which premises requested a certificate and then liaise with MR and AM to produce them.                           ACTION AC/MR/AM

·   JC’s article and letter were published in the Citizen on 23 and 30 March, reporting on the Fortnight and issues relating to it.


Traidcraft Coffee Morning

AH with support from other group members to host a Traidcraft coffee morning in early November.  Christmas cards will be on sale, and it provides an opportunity to mark the 13thanniversary of our Fairtrade status (achieved November 2005). AH to investigate All Saints Church Hall as a potential venue.  Other possibilities – combine the event with Just Trading Scotland;  invite Willie Rennie.                          ACTION AH


Fairtrade Town status renewal

MR had already filled in much of the form and we thanked her for all the work she had already done.  We worked together to contribute the planning and information needed to complete it. This led to the following plans and action points:-


·   Schools.  At the beginning of the school year we will write to all local schools to offer ourselves as a resource, asking them how they could use our input at any time of the school year.  Action on this to be addressed at the AGM in August.

·   Flagship employer. MR/PR to find out what’s required for this.  The R&A is still a possibility but we will consider other, smaller employers if the criteria allow this.                                                                                                                    ACTION PR/MR

·   Golfing sector. AC to reconnect with Links Trust, IMG and Amadeo re supply and promotion of FT products in club houses and at championships.                   ACTION AC

·   Community organisations.  We will update our list of community organisations who support Fairtrade, with a view to encouraging greater use and promotion.  AC to ask IC whether the Community Council has a list, to supplement those listed on Fife Direct.                                                                                              ACTION AC

·   AC to discuss with MP the idea of working more closely with JTS.        ACTION AC



·    Cupar Justice and Peace Group are organising an event ‘What a Load of Rubbish’, highlighting what happens to our rubbish, 25thApril, St Johns Church, Bonnygate.  7.00 stalls (including Fairtrade), tea and cake;  7.30 speakers.

·   We thank MP for all her work with the R&A

·   The editor of St Andrews in Focus has invited us to submit another article.  To be discussed at the AGM with a view to publication around November.


Next meeting(TBC):  

AGM 7.30 pm Thursday 16thAugust, 40 Lawmill Gardens KY16 8QS





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