17th of January, 2018

Minutes 17 January 2018

Minutes of St Andrews Fairtrade Town Campaign group 17th January 2018


Present:  MS, AC, AM, AH, PR, JC

Apologies: MP, MR, IC, PB


Matters arising:

·    PR to try again to establish contact with Madras College.            ACTION PR

·    AC to contact Morrison’s again to arrange a visit for group members to discuss the supply of Fairtrade products with the manager.                      ACTION AC

·    MS reported on Fairtrade in Green Week.  The street stall was well attended and she appreciated the input of group members.  The Sainsbury’s petition attracted lots of signatures and will be available again during the Green Film Festival in mid February.

·    PR, MR and AC attended the Royal Burgh St Andrews Day reception representing the group.

·    AH reported on the Traidcraft coffee morning she had organised on November 3rd.  £155 was raised.

·    Next renewal of Fairtrade status – April.  MR to fill in the form, for discussion at the next meeting.                                                                        ACTION MR


Finance:   The balance is £124.68. 


Principal’s Town and Gown event, 25 Jan.  MS and AM to attend.  PR to forward names to Principal’s office, and information re the event to MS.


    Fairtrade Fortnight. 

·    Speaker.  So far we have not been able to get a speaker, although it is still possible that a Mzuzu coffee producer from Malawi may come, under the aegis of SFTF.  PR to keep in touch with MS re this.                                                 ACTION MS/PR

·    Finders.  MS to reach out to individuals and groups to find support for checking the finders. MR/PR to divide up the town amongst the team and to produce copies of a pro forma.  JC to collate the information and print the finders.  To qualify for inclusion, products need to have FAIRTRADE Mark or other recognisable fairly traded label.  JC needs the information by 16th Feb.  While checking for products, the team can also check on the supply of Fairtrade certificates – to be included in pro forma (PR).   

ACTION MS/PR/MR/JC plus checking team.

·    Byre presentation.  An initial meeting to be held on Jan 23rd, 3.30/4.00 at the Byre, attended by MP, MS, AM, JC, PR, MR to decide on ‘the story’ and to bring ideas for which images to use.  MS to create the infrastructure for the presentation.   Perhaps 10 slides, with changes within slides. We noted the need to comply with University guidelines for elements referring to the University, and to seek approval for this from the Press Office.                                                           ACTION MP/MS/AM/JC/PR/MR

·    Traidcraft Big Brew.  AH to organise a coffee morning with bring and buy stall on Saturday 10th March, at her house, starting 10am.  We need to publicise it more effectively, including inviting people directly.  PB/MP to be invited to supply Traidcraft goods.                                             ACTION AH/ALL

·    University programme.  MS is organising events on behalf of the Environment team and Transition.  The petition could be available for signing at all/any of these.

o   Transition – one or two skills share events, one could include baking with Fairtrade ingredients.

o   6th March:  a pedal-powered Fairtrade smoothie giveaway using bananas, outside the University Library.

o   A chocolate giveaway?  MS will have samples from Chocolate and Love, Royal Chocolate Company, Divine, Lemonade.

o   Documentary screening in the Byre Studio.  MS to send links to possible documentaries for group members to help her choose an appropriate film.  If a chocolate-themed film is chosen, PR to pursue the offer from Divine to supply samples.  We discussed the possibility of donating up to £50 for a licence.                                                          ACTION PR/ALL

o   Although it falls outside Fairtrade Fortnight, the St Andrews Africa Summit at Hotel du Vin on February 24th, provides the opportunity for a stall.  MS to distribute finders, chocolate samples. 



AOB  Ideas for next year’s FTFN include inviting Christopher Trotter to an event.


Next meeting:  7.30pm Thursday 12th April, 52 Hepburn Gardens KY16 9DF