6th of February, 2020

Minutes 6 February 2020

St Andrews Fairtrade Town Campaign Group, February 6th 2020


Present:  PR, MR, PM, AM, JC, MP, AH, AC, CD

Apologies:  IC


Matters arising: 

·      Fairtrade floral display.   PM to confirm ownership of the Jacob’s Ladder site and find out who to approach.                                                      ACTION PM


Fairtrade Fortnight:

·      Flag and publicity.  MP reported that the flag will be flying over the Town Hall for the whole fortnight.  MP and PR to produce a letter (possibly article with photo) for the St Andrews Citizen.  To include the following points:  focus on the flag, we are a Fairtrade Town, support Fairtrade, Traidcraft/JTS coffee morning 7th March.                                                                                                            ACTION PR/MP

·      Banner.  We will order a banner saying ‘Support Fairtrade, change lives’.  MP to check with Graeme Beebee re displaying it at St Leonards Church.  MP to check size, price and which printer to use.  PR to apply for funding from SFTF if necessary.                                                                                                          ACTION PR/MP

·      Madras College.  MP to try again next week to encourage the Madras rector to engage with Fairtrade action.                                                    ACTION MP

·      Primary schools.  Canongate Primary School has invited us to speak to a P3/4 class on March 5th.  AC to coordinate planning meeting with MP,MR and Stephie Pettman.                                                                                                ACTION AC/MP/MR

·      Coffee morning.  AH is preparing for a Traidcraft Exchange Big Brew coffee morning, to be held at St Leonards Church Hall on Saturday March 7th.  This will include a JTS stall.  We are all requested to provide home baking and to publicise the event.  AH to let us know how else we can support her. Publicity to appear in Citizen letter (see above) and Community pinboard, Bunny Slack’s email list, church notices.                                                                                                                       ACTION AH/ALL

·      Directory.  MR has been collating the information from our premises-checking exercise.  MP to put it on the website.  JC has been researching the different accreditations and we will make this a focus for our next meeting.  We will also discuss a return to campaigning to increase the use of Fairtrade products rather than just recording it in the directory.                                         ACTION MR/MP/JC

·      University plans.  Three skills shares events, stall to go alongside BHF pop-up shop, Colleen Tait to take part in ‘Women in Sustainability’ event, halls to have Fairtrade cake and publicity, retail outlets to promote special deals on coffee.   See detailed plan attached below.

·      Fairtrade Fortnight 2021.  CD suggested advanced planning with the Byre for screening ‘True Cost’, plus Fairtrade and other stalls, and making it a joint event with fashion-related university groups.  CD to talk with Byre and fashion groups.                                                                                                 ACTION CD

·      Paul Baker talk/concert.  Since Paul isn’t available during FTFN we discussed a possible collaboration with Transition for a climate focused event later in March.  AC to check on Paul’s availability.                                          ACTION AC/CD



·      Fife Council procurement.  We have been asked by the Cupar Fairtrade group whether we would join them in action on this.  PR to ask Colleen Tait which councils are being targeted by SFTF for procurement action.  MR to reply to Margaret Lawrence.                                                                             ACTION PR/MR

·      Road signs.  PR had contacted SFTF.  Guidance on the legal situation is forthcoming.

·      St Leonards Church is now a Fairtrade Church.  The St L Justice and Peace Group are hosting a Christian Aid speaker on trade justice - 20th Feb at St Leonards Church Hall.  

·      MP reported on plans for World Fair Trade Day in May.  These include:  a visit by two farmers from Malawi, a walk/cycle event along the John Muir Trail and a half-day conference in Edinburgh.  She invited us all to take part and will send further information.

·      AC and MP had attended the now annual University reception for town groups.  We were congratulated by the Principal on the 15th anniversary this year of achieving Fairtrade status


Date and venue of next meeting:

30 March, 7.30 at 18 Irvine Crescent KY16 8LG 



Fair Futures Fortnight schedule 2020

·      Fairtrade

·      Trade justice

·      Environmental justice

·      Gender equality

·      Ethical consumption

·      Social sustainability


Fairtrade focussed 

Other ‘fair’ focussed 

Location and other information 


Thu 20 Feb
16:30 – 19:00

Campaign for a Fair, Healthy and Sustainable Food System in Scotland  

Run by Transition and Scottish Food Coalition

Event free, but registration required

Seminar room 10, Observatory Workshop, KY16 9LX

Recurring events


The future of Fairtrade – anonymous opinion discussion board

In the main University library entrance

North Street, St Andrews

(still needs to be confirmed)


Free* Fairtrade tea or coffee with purchase of Fairtrade banana loaf

*Only with your own reusable cup

All University café outlets


One-off events

Mon 24 Feb
19:00 – 21:00

Fairtrade vegan chocolate tart skillshare 

Collaboration with Transition

Event free, but registration required

Observatory Workshop, KY16 9LX


Wed 26 Feb
10:00 – 24:00

Fairtrade stall and ethical consumption pop-up shop

Collaboration with British Heart Foundation

Outside main University library

Sat 28 – Sun 29 Feb

All weekend

Clothing drive for refugees

Run by RASA and Environment Subcommittee

Email rasa@st-andrews.ac.uk to arrange a clothing collection

Mon 2 Mar 18:00 – 20:00

Fairtrade tiramisu skillshare 

Collaboration with Transition 

Event free, but registration required

Observatory Workshop, KY16 9LX


Tue 3 Mar
17:30 – 19:00

Womxn in sustainability panel discussion with Scottish Fairtrade Forum panellist

Collaboration with SD Society

Event free, no registration required
Parliament Hall, South Street

Thu 5 Mat

18:30 – 21:00

Fairtrade chocolate making workshop 

Collaboration with Transition and Raw, Wild and Conscious

£20 per person, registration required


Sat 7 March
09:00 – 14:00

Local farmer’s market 

Run by Fife Farmers’ Market

Market Street, St Andrews