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These are the details about our campaign

What is a Fairtrade Town?

A Fairtrade Town is a town which has made a commitment to Fairtrade.
Firstly, there is significant awareness and understanding of the concept of Fairtrade.
Secondly, Fairtrade products are available, bought and used in commercial and community organisations, as well as by residents.  Finally, a group exists to maintain and increase awareness and sales.

Five specific goals have to be fulfilled before Fairtrade status is granted by the Fairtrade Foundation. These include gaining support for the campaign from the local council, getting Fairtrade products into a specified proportion of shops and cafés/restaurants, encouraging local work places and community organisations to use Fairtrade products in their regular tea breaks and meetings, and attracting media support and coverage for the campaign.

What are Fairtrade Products?

Fairtrade products carry the FAIRTRADE Mark to show that the producers receive a fair and stable price for their labour, along with a small extra premium that allows producer's communities to benefit from improved living conditions, eg schooling, healthcare provision, a cleaner environment and water etc.  Without these, millions of families who produce our tea, coffee, bananas, cocoa beans, sugar, wine and footballs, etc, are vulnerable to market forces which ignore their rights to even the most basic essentials.  The Fairtrade Foundation will tell you more.

Read our Constitution here.

Updated: 7th November 2010