17th of October, 2017

Minutes October 11 2017

Minutes of meeting of St Andrews Fairtrade Town Campaign, October 11th 2017

Present: PR, AH, MR, MP, AC

Apologies: AM, JC, MS

Matters arising:

·       MR had attended Freshers Fayre alongside MS on Fairtrade/Transition stall.

·       Re public liability insurance.  We may apply for a grant from SFTF for this for a future event.  It would cost £30 for a year.

·       MP to change group email.                                                                                                      ACTION MP

·       MP reported on developments for JTS, including the involvement of a family whose active engagement is helping to attract interest in fair trade from schools, especially St Leonards.

Finance:  Balance £124.68

University update:

  • Link to the Tree (online shop) - http://www.transitionsta.org/low-carbon-living/the-tree-local-affordable-organic-food/
  • The Principal’s Office had declined to put a Fairtrade flag on top of St Salvator’s tower. Due to huge demand from different groups and societies, the PO is looking at installing a second flag pole, and is not taking any requests until further notice.
  • Re a petition, Green Week (31st Oct – 5th Nov) would be a good time to collect signatures protesting Sainsbury’s ‘fairly traded’ pilot scheme.  PR to draft petition.                   ACTION PR
  • MS to contact the Oxfam group re collecting data for the Fairtrade finder. ACTION MS
  • MS had contacted Divine, and Chocolate and Love for chocolate samples to give away during Green Week.  Chocolate and Love had declined.
  • All bananas served on campus are now Fairtrade following a survey of students in halls last semester in which they indicated they would like to see the change.
  • The themes during Green Week most suited to including a Fairtrade element are:
    • Friday Nov 3: Food for thought
    • Saturday Nov 4: Sustainable economy
    • Sunday Nov 5: community
  • MS to arrange a Fairtrade giveaway on the Friday, either in front of the Student Association or the Library.                                                                                                                                               ACTION MS           Town group members will support the event/s as individuals.                         ACTION ALL


Fairtrade Fortnight:  26th Feb to 11th March – theme ‘Come on in’.

·       Finder:  MP to discuss arrangements for producing this with MS.  Old copies to be disposed of once the new version is available.                                                                             ACTION MP/MS

·       Speaker: PR has requested a producer/speaker from SFTF and will also contact the Fairtrade Foundation.  AC to contact Nicaragua Solidarity Campaign.  A producer affected by the Sainsbury’s changes would be ideal.  If no speaker is available, MP would step in to talk about JTS.  Another idea, linking to the ‘supermarkets’ item below, is to ask Sainsbury’s for a speaker to explain the ‘fairly traded’ scheme.  AC to write to Head Office, copied to local branch.                                                                                                                                                 ACTION PR/AC

·       PR to approach the rector of Madras to discuss activity around Fairtrade Fortnight.                                                                                                                                                                               ACTION PR

·       Display of Fairtrade materials at the Byre.  MP to enquire about this. PR to ask SFTF and the Fairtrade Foundation about promotional materials including Powerpoint display.                                                                                                                                                                                        ACTION MP/PR

St Andrews Day:

·       AC had reconnected with the Royal Burgh St Andrews Day reception.

·       MP to ask if there has been any progress with repairing the flagpole.            ACTION MP


·       AC’s letter to Sainsbury’s had elicited a response from Head Office defending the ‘fairly traded’ scheme.  See above for our plan to continue to engage on this issue, with a speaker for Fairtrade Fortnight.

·       Our letter to the Citizen about supermarkets reducing the supply of Fairtrade products was published.

·       AC to follow up earlier email correspondence with the manager of Morrisons, asking if a group of us could visit him to discuss Fairtrade.                                                           ACTION AC

·       CAFOD is organising a Don’t Ditch Fairtrade protest outside branches of Sainsbury’s on October 28th.  PR to forward information to MS.  The action includes an online petition.                                                                                                                                                                            ACTION PR

Traidcraft Coffee Morning: 

·       AH is holding this event on Friday Nov 3rd at 7 Newmill Gardens KY16 8RY.  There will Christmas cards for sale and a Bring and Buy stall.  She would welcome all supporters and friends.          MR and PR help on the day.                                                                                  ACTION AH/MR/PR

AOB:  MR to check when our next renewal is due.                                                                        ACTION MR

Next meeting:  Wednesday 17th January, 7.30 at 7 Newmill Gardens KY16 8RY