15th of February, 2017

Minutes 15 February 2017

Minutes of St Andrews Fairtrade Town Campaign group meeting, 15 Feb 2017, held at 18 Irvine Crescent, St Andrews.


Present:  LM, AM, AH, PB, PR, JC, MR, AC.

Apologies: IC, MP. 

1.  Matters arising

-  Schools:  LM reported that there is still some interest at St Leonards but no action so far

-  Golf:  AC to contact clubhouses to confirm their use of Fairtrade products and to request clearer promotion at point of sale                                                 


2.  Financial report:  a grant of £141 had been received from the Scottish Fair Trade Forum for our stall on March 4th, making a total balance of £254


3.  Fairtrade Fortnight

a. ‘Take a Fairtrade Break’ Stall in Church Square,  March 4th 10.00-3.00

-  IC had booked and paid for this, to be reimbursed £10.

- PR to order 300 tea bags and coffee sticks.

- AH to order 300 Traidcraft paper bags.

- PB liaising with others on buying suitable biscuits.*

- Morrisons to donate 16 x 5/6 bananas (1 case).   

- Starbucks to donate a thermos flask of coffee for stallholders.

- LM had received chocolate bars from Chocolate and Love, Perth and will bring some to the stall.

- MR and PR to provide table and chairs.

- PR to make a simple banner saying ‘Fairtrade Fortnight’ and a notice acknowledging donations from Morrisons and Starbucks.

- MP to bring leaflets, stickers and balloons provided by the Fairtrade Foundation.

- Publicity: photos and article to be sent to Citizen and Courier.

- MR to organise a rota.

- JC to produce a draft petition.

- Finder:  JC to edit the draft edition which he had produced.  PR to complete the survey of outlets not yet visited.  JC to print 400 black and white copies and to send pdfs to all so that anyone can print further copies.  Folding – AC, MR and AM.

- any leftovers to go to LM for her upcoming events.


b.  Flag:  Our flag was to have been flown over the Town Hall during the Fortnight but there is a problem with the flagpole so this will not happen.


c.  AH’s Traidcraft BIG BREW coffee morning 27 Feb, 10-12, 7 Newmill Gardens.

- This includes a Bring and Buy stall for baking etc, and games.

- IC to invite Willie Rennie.


d.  Palestinian producer/speaker, March 3, 5.00 – 6.00

- Lousi Albadawi, a Palestinian craft producer, to visit St Andrews after daytime events at Kirkcaldy and Cupar schools, under the auspices of SFTF.  

- PR to check what the speaker/interpreter/minder require in terms of refreshment, audio-visual support etc.

- LM to book room in the Union and, once the details are confirmed, to publicise the event.

- AC to email details to our supporters, and others with particular interest in Palestine.


e. "Fair Trade in Palestine" - a talk at Dundee University, Thursday 9 March, 6pm.

There will be a talk by Taysir Abbasi, Palestinian Director of Zaytoun CIC,  at Dundee University, Dalhousie Building, Room 2G13. For further information, contact Sandy Stuart 07751 009 301


4.  Membership of SFTF

We agreed to apply for membership, which is free of charge.  PR to make the application.


5.  Fair Trade Fiesta, World Fair Trade, Saturday 13 May, Edinburgh

We had been invited to take part in this event, a carnival parade and free concert to celebrate and highlight Scotland as a Fair Trade Nation.  For further information about see http://www.handupevents.co.uk and/or https://www.facebook.com/handupevents/ or email Tania@handupevents.co.uk.


6.  AOB

LM reported on all the events to be held in the University during or around Fairtrade Fortnight and will email the details to group members 



 Next meeting: Wednesday 19 April 2017, 7.30 pm, at 52 Hepburn Gardens KY16 9DF. 


* Currently (18.2.17) the consensus is that we should buy Divine mini chocolate bars to give away.