10th of January, 2017

Minutes 10 January 2017

Minutes of St Andrews Fairtrade Town Campaign group meeting, 10 Jan 2017, held at 3 St Leonard's Road, St Andrews.


Present:  AC, MP, AM, AH, PB, PR, JC, IC, MR.

Apologies: CP. 

AC apologised for having forgotten to send the reminder to LM.  LS is to be kept on the email list.

1.  Matters arising.

-  Schools:  MP understands that St Leonard's wishes senior pupils to engage with Fairtrade through projects.

-  Finance:  AM has received no bank statements yet.  The balance is still £113.28.  MR has to be a signatory on all cheques.

-  Byre cafe still has no Fairtrade sugar on the tables.                                     ACTION: MP

-  Golf:  AC confirmed that some Fairtrade products are in use in the clubhouses and will follow this up in due course.                                                                              ACTION: AC

MP and PR indicated that they had had a very positive meeting with members of the R&A championship organising team responsible for among other things, sustainability. Our town group has provided input as part of the public consultation phase of the Golf Tournaments Voluntary Sustainability Standard (Sustainability Objective 3.5 - Establish a Sustainable Food and Drinks Programme).  The aims of this include having all golf competitions (both major and minor) accredited and to maximise sustainability, including using FT products.  The R&A team would also like the Fairtrade Foundation to set criteria so that The Open could have Fairtrade Event status.

Royal Birkdale, Southport will host the next Open, and MP is in touch with a Fairtrade business contact there.

 2.  Fairtrade Fortnight.

a.  Finder.

-  A new St Andrews finder should be produced in time for Fairtrade Fortnight. 

PR and MR to divide the outlets up for checking by our own group, possibly with help from the University Oxfam group.                                                                        ACTION: all

-  Information to be collected by Mon 6 February.  JC will format the template based on the 2015 finder.                                                                                        ACTION: JC

-  Printing: either black and white by ourselves, or coloured if funding can be obtained.

b.  Speaker.

SFTF may be able to provide a speaker, but no details are available as yet.

c.  Street 'Take a Fairtrade break' stall

-  Sat 4 March 2017, 10 am till 3 pm, in Church Square.  IC to tell Fife Council about this.                                                                                                              ACTION:  IC

-   Plan to give away paper bags each with a coffee sachet, tea bag, and wrapped biscuit plus our finder and a Fairtrade Foundation leaflet, and possibly a banana.  Bags to have stickers on outside.  On the table there will also be a petition, probably requesting local supermarkets to regularly stock more Fairtrade items.

-  Cost of 300 of each food item will be £107; bags additional (£20); stickers, leaflets and bananas free.      PR and AM to apply to SFTF for a grant (max. £150) to cover this; if unsuccessful, St Andrews Community Council to be asked for a '200 club' grant.

                                    ACTION:        bags                             IC

                                                            coffee, tea (FTF)         PR

                                                            biscuits (Traidcraft)     AH

                                                            leaflets, stickers, balloons (FTF)  MP

                                                            funding (SFTF)             PR

Bananas - donations to be requested from the supermarkets Morrison, M&S, Sainsbury, Tesco, Aldi.                                                                                             ACTION: MR

-  Folding table(s) will be needed.  Additionally there can be some balloons and a banner attached to advertise Fairtrade Fortnight and the 'take a Fairtrade break' theme.  IC has two banana suits available for use.

d.  AH will host a Fairtrade Coffee Morning at 7 Newmill Gardens, on Mon 27 Feb 2017, 10 till 12 am.  IC will invite W. Rennie to come.                                 ACTION:  IC


3.  AOB.

-  IC to speak to a contact about Balgove increasing their Fairtrade products on sale or in use in the cafe.

-  IC to ask R. Pead for list of B&Bs/guest houses who offer Fairtrade products.

-  MR was thanked by AC for taking the minutes on this occasion.

-  Next meeting: Thursday 9 February 2017, 7.30 pm, at 18 Irvine Crescent, KY16 8LG.