11th of November, 2016

Minutes 2 November 2016

St. Andrews Fairtrade Town Campaign – 2/11/16

Present: LM, IC, MR, JC, AC, PB, CP, AH, AM, PR, MP


1.   Matters arising            

- JC summarised the Fairtrade Foundation’s response on the implementation of new (2014) standards for plantations.  The real test will come once these standards have had time to take effect. 


2.   Report from University Fairtrade steering group  

- The University’s Fairtrade status has been renewed.

- A key aim this year is to achieve one Fairtrade food item across the campus, eg bananas.

- Fairtrade coffee mornings have so far raised more than £60.

- The Advice and Support Centre (ASC) and Nightline have both agreed to include Fairtrade products in their efforts to support student welfare during revision week:  Nightline goody bags, ASC doughnuts and drinks.

- Support is expected from new supporters during Fairtrade Fortnight and from environmental reps in halls.                        


3.   Report from Oxfam group

-  Many new members were attracted at the Green Fayre.

- Fairtrade items continue to be included in regular bake events.


4.   Financial report – Balance £113.28.  


5.   Work with schools

- LM had contacted all the St Andrews schools and received a response from St Leonards.  A Fairtrade element would fit the Community Action and Service (CAS) small group project, although it is not clear whether this will be taken up. 


6.   Work with Businesses

- Re flagship employer: MP to continue liaison with the R&A; Thorntons are not interested.

- LM to contact Ben Stuart to explore how we might fit in with BID’s aims. 

- MP to check with the Byre on their use of Fairtrade products, to encourage them to display information on Fairtrade and to offer a certificate.        ACTION MP/LM


7.  Work with golfing organisations

- AC to continue communication with Links Trust, encouraging display of Fairtrade information.

- MP and PR to continue meeting with R&A.            ACTION AC/MP/PR

8.  Fairtrade Fortnight, 27 Feb to 12 March 2017, A Fairtrade Break

- We will redo the finder/directory.  LM to provide contact details of the Fellowship’s president.  MP and PR to request help with collecting finder information.

                                                                                    ACTION LM/MP/PR

-  PR to check again with the Scottish Fair Trade Forum and Fairtrade Foundation on getting a speaker.                                                                        ACTION PR

-  LM to work on bringing a Fairtrade element into the 11am break that is currently advocated as part of the university initiative for wellbeing.     ACTION LM

- Our flag will be flown at the Town Hall.

- LM to try to get a trade justice topic included by the Debating Society.  Philip Roscoe was named as a possible speaker.                                                            ACTION LM

- We made plans for a street stall on Saturday 4th March, asking passersby to sign a petition urging local supermarkets to supply more FT goods, while distributing paper/plastic cups containing teabags, coffee sachets, snacks.  

- IC to check on terms and conditions for using Church Square.  Plan B would be to use the area outside the Students Union.                                                  ACTION IC

- CP to get students to help run the stall and to promote all FT Fortnight events to the Oxfam group.                                                                                                ACTION CP

- PR to ask the SFTF for money or samples of drinks and snacks.  MP to approach Tracy Mitchell if necessary.                                                                        ACTION PR/MP

African Summit have an event on business investment, 1-5pm on 18th Feb, close enough to include in publicity.


9. Report on Fife meeting Oct 4th

- JC and PR had attended this meeting whose aim was to explore the possibility of re-forming a Fife group. The meeting was inconclusive and no further action agreed but PR had subsequently offered to keep Sinead Hain (Fife Council) informed about Fairtrade activity in St Andrews and asked that any re-constituted Fife group reciprocated.  PR also agreed to ask if there was any point in a member of our group continuing to maintain the Fife Fairtrade Forum web-site or whether it could be closed.                        



- IC to contact the owner of Balgove Larder to encourage greater FT use.  ACTION IC

- The idea of a FT stall at the army airshow was raised.


Next meeting: 7.30 Tuesday 10th January at MP’s house, 3 St Leonards Road KY16 9DY