20th of August, 2016

AGM 11 August 2016

St. Andrews Fairtrade Town Campaign – 10/8/16

Present: AM, MP, AC, MR, PR, LM, PM.  We welcomed Lindsey Mackay, Sustainability Intern and chair of the University Fairtrade Steering Group

1.  Apologies:   PB, JC, CP

2.  Matters arising

- Minutes from last meeting approved


-  We noted the current situation in relation to Fife’s Fairtrade status.  A meeting has been proposed for the autumn.  We will be supportive of any initiative to relaunch a Fife-wide group.  


- AC had contacted the St Andrews Guest Houses Association to get information about current use of Fairtrade products.


- JC had contacted the Fairtrade Foundation to discuss the issues of plantations, GMOs etc and circulated the resulting information.                                    ACTION:  ALL to read this


3.  AGM business   PM took the chair for the election of office holders.  The following were nominated and elected unopposed:-   


            Chair  PR                           Proposed MP, seconded AC

            Vice chair JC                        Proposed PR, seconded AM

            Secretary  AC                        Proposed MR, seconded AM

            Treasurer  AM                        Proposed PR, seconded MP



4.   Financial report – PR presented the year’s accounts.  Balance £113.28.  Scottish Fair Trade Forum is currently offering grants between £250 and £1000 for events linked to Burns Night, Hogmanay and St Andrews Day.


5. Plans for 2016/17 

- Our overall aims were discussed.  We agreed to support the University group’s activities, and to continue to promote the supply and use of Fairtrade products in the town, with a focus on working with schools and with business and golfing bodies.  Some of this can be coordinated, eg working to promote Fairtrade with the R&A, the Links Trust and the BID. 


- Schools:  a Fairtrade Fortnight event or activity.  LM to enquire at Kilrymont/Madras re interest in possible competition, smoothie making event, speaker (MP or Fairtrade producer).   Also is there a teacher who would work with us?  MP to discuss speaker options with JTS; PR to approach SFTF and Fairtrade Foundation.                           ACTION:  LM/MP/PR


- Businesses:  MP and LM to contact Ben Stuart to explore how we might fit in with BID’s aims. MP and JC to pursue contact with potential flagship employers. ACTION: MP/LM/JC


- Golf:  AC to reconnect with the Links Trust to get up-to-date information about their commitment to Fairtrade in catering establishments and in the distribution of bananas during competitions.  MP to keep in contact with the R&A.      ACTION:  AC/MP



5.  University group plans for 2016/17, reported by LM
-  The application for Fairtrade renewal status will be submitted by 19th Sept.


- The first meeting for this year to be announced soon.


- Stalls to be held at the Green Fayre 11-3 on 5th Sept and Freshers’ Fayre 10.30 – 4.30 on 11th Sept.    AC to provide our remaining leaflets.  LM to check on GK’s stock of leaflets.  

                                                                                                                        ACTION: AC/LM




- AC to write to Tesco St Andrews to check on current Fairtrade policy, especially re bananas, and to offer another certificate.                                                            ACTION: AC


- MR to provide a copy of our renewal certificate to the public library.            ACTION: MR


- We thanked MP for all her work as chair of the group.



Next meeting: 7.30 Wednesday 2nd November at 52 Hepburn Gardens KY16 9DF