17th of May, 2017

Minutes 17 May 2017

Minutes of St Andrews Fairtrade Town Campaign group meeting, 17th May 2017, held at 52 Hepburn Gardens KY16 9DF


Present:  MP, AM, PR, MR, AC.

Apologies: IC, JC, LM, AH, PB.  

1.  Matters arising

-  Our group is now a member of the Scottish Fair Trade Forum                                                 


2.  Financial report:  Following expenditure on the stall during Fairtrade Fortnight, for which we had received a grant of £141.31 from SFTF, the balance is £104.68.  Expenses exceeded the grant by £10 because the cost of a street licence was not included in the grant application.


3.  Fairtrade Fortnight

We thanked MR and PR for all that they did to make the March 4th stall a success.


- Petition: The text of the petition was ‘It’s good to see how many shops and cafes in the town sell Fairtrade products, but we would like to see more.  We call on all traders in the town, but especially the Supermarkets, to step up their promotion of Fairtrade and increase the range of Fairtrade products on their shelves.’  It acquired 163 signatures.  AC to email or write to supermarkets, BID and the Merchants Association with details including a scanned copy of one of the pages and a request to the MA to forward the information to their members.  MR to supply email addresses.  MP to add the information to the website.


- Surplus ‘goodies’:  coffee sticks, tea bags, chocolate (milk and dark), paper bags, finders. After checking the ‘best before’ dates we agreed to donate the milk chocolate to the Sustainability Officer for use at Freshers Fayre in September.  Finders too.


- Expenses. AM to reimburse JC for photocopying and AH for paper bags.


6.  AOB

- MP, LM and AC to visit Guardbridge Primary School on 29th May during their Food Week.  LM has found resources to use for activities with two classes. If permitted, we will take photos for publicity.  MR/PR to supply stickers. AC to buy bananas from Morrisons.  Following this, in June, we will offer a visit and resources to the St Andrews primaries and add ‘resources for schools’ to the website. 

- MP to reduce the group’s email addresses to one – secretary@fairtrade-standrews.org.uk.  

- MP reported on Just Trading Scotland’s current efforts to increase funds and invited ideas and support from group members.

- Many thanks to LM for everything she’s done with us and for us during her year as Sustainability Officer.  



 Next meeting: Tuesday 8th August, 7.30 at 40 Lawmill Gardens KY16 8QS