26th of August, 2015

AGM and Minutes

St. Andrews Fairtrade Town Campaign – 26/8/15

Present: AM, MP, AC, MR, PR, JC, LS, GK

1.  Apologies:   PB

2.  Matters arising

- Remaining Fairtrade leaflets (we have 200, University group 800) to be distributed during Green Fair on Sept 7th, Fairtrade Fortnight and any other appropriate event.


3.  Financial report - £113.28, following grant from Scottish Fair Trade Forum for £39 to pay for production of laminated certificates.


4. AGM business

Patrick Marks took the chair for the election of officers:-

Chair:  MP proposed by AM, seconded by LS

Vice chair:  JC proposed by AC, seconded by MP

Secretary:  AC proposed by JC, seconded by AM

Treasurer:  PR proposed by AM, seconded by MP

5.  Report on British Open Golf Championship, July 2015
-  The following quantities of Fairtrade products were consumed: 52,000 speciality coffees

63,750 filter coffees, 10,500 teabags, 12,500 bananas, 80 kgs of hot chocolate, and 64,000 sugar sticks.  Paper cups carried the FAIRTRADE Mark.

-  Procurement of Fairtrade products to be standard now at all future British Open championships.

- MP attended a workshop during the week of the Open where senior people from Brussels were amongst those discussing the legacy of large golfing events in Europe.  Her input on the significance of Fairtrade was well received. 

- The Fairtrade Foundation and the R&A developed a good working relationship in the production of artwork for promotional material.

- We have been given the St Andrews Fairtrade flag (flown during the event) for our own use

-  The photo of MP posing with the claret jug is available to us for future publicity.

-  We produced a joint press release with Scottish Fair Trade Forum during the event.  This has led to MP (with GK) being invited to run a breakout session at the SFTF supporters’ conference in Stirling on Sept 5th looking at how to work with local organisations on a Fairtrade event.  They will encourage the SFTF to push for Fairtrade Foundation certification of Fairtrade events.                                                                                 ACTION MP, GK

- MP and GK to meet with Philip Russell and Michael Wells tomorrow to thank them for their work, to feed back on achievements so far and look ahead to further developments.  Issues to mention:  permission to use publicity, introduction of a wider range of products (flowers, chocolates, tote bags), greater visibility and promotion of Fairtrade during the event on the course and online, use of Fairtrade products in the clubhouse and at other events, eg Boys Open.                                                                                                ACTION MP, GK
6.  Renewal of Fairtrade status
- MP to forward the form and our last submission to all.  We will study these before the next meeting.  Suggestions for this year’s submission to be sent to MR, who will collate them.

                                                                                                            ACTION MP, MR, ALL


7.  Plans for the coming year

- MP to make contact with Ray Pead, incoming chair of the St Andrews guest house association.                                                                                                             ACTION MP

- We agreed to have a Fairtrade pot luck supper to celebrate our 10th anniversary with friends on 29th November at 52 Hepburn Gardens. 

- AC to get back to our IMG contact for more details, following up the news that Amadeus, IMG’s caterer for the Dunhill and the Women’s Open, uses fair trade products.  Does IMG have a procurement policy?  What products are fair trade/Fairtrade?            ACTION AC

-  AC to contact M&S and Premier Inn to encourage sale/use of Fairtrade products

                                                                                                                        ACTION AC

- MP to contact Kate Hughes, Fife Council, to enquire about flying our flag at the Town Hall on St Andrews Day or during Fairtrade Fortnight                                          ACTION MP

- AC to contact Merchants Association to discuss possible re-endorsement of our campaign and inclusion in the next town map/guide.                                                         ACTION AC

- AC to speak about Fairtrade in St Andrews at the University’s Retirement is Opportunity in February.                                                                                                  ACTION AC

- LS to contact Alice Pickthall, Students Association Environment and Ethics rep, inviting her collaboration, including with links with local schools                                   ACTION LS

- We are keen to support action by the University Steering Group.  GK to keep us informed of meetings and events.                                                                                    ACTION GK


8.  AOB

- GK to provide information about appointment of a Fairtrade intern and Oxfam rep

                                                                                                                        ACTION GK

Next meeting: 7.30 Tuesday 17th November, Lawhead of Radernie, Peat Inn KY15 5LN.