29th of April, 2015

Minutes of Meeting on 29th April 2015

Present: AM, MP, AC, MR, PR

1.  Apologies:   HC, PB, LS, JC

2.  Matters arising

- AC to get back to our IMG contact for more details, following up the news that Amadeus, IMG’s caterer for the Dunhill and the Women’s Open, uses fair trade products.  Does IMG have a procurement policy?  What products are fair trade/Fairtrade?            ACTION AC

- Fife Fair Trade Forum has been wound up.  Members to concentrate on their own areas.  PR to ask for the inflatable tea cup.                                                                    ACTION PR

- The StAnza poetry walk had been a great success, attended by about 40 people.

-  AC to contact M&S (as in AOB 11 Feb) once their building is closer to completion.

                                                                                                                        ACTION AC

3.  Financial report - unchanged at £113.28

4.  British Open Golf Championship, July 2015
- The R&A are to fund the production of our flag and we will keep it after the event.

- MP to contact the Open organizers to find out about progress with Fairtrade-related developments and to inform them that the Scottish Fair Trade Forum will publicise the issue.

- We will write the paragraph for the daily brochure when contacted.          ACTION MP
5.  Fairtrade leaflet
- The Scottish Fair Trade Forum will provide funding:  £247 for the production of 2000 leaflets by Reprographics, including folding and one side in colour.  PR to contact SFTF to acknowledge this and to ask permission to use their logo.                            ACTION PR

- LS or Ben Stewart, director of RBS, to arrange for leaflets to go into University accommodation (1000+) in early July.  MP to liaise with Ray Pead re getting them into guest houses and B&Bs. Others to go to Tourist Information, the Library etc, and to be available through the year for the Dunhill and next year’s Fairtrade Fortnight.                     ACTION MP/LS

- We agreed on the strapline ‘Open up to Fairtrade’, and to delete ‘2015’.

- PR to work on the layout.                                                                            ACTION PR

- Details to be checked/amended:  add SFTF logo; add explanation of FT Mark plus small example of it;  check status of 18 cafes/restaurants (AC to allocate 2 or 3 to each member);  MR to check GM claim.  To be completed by the end of next week, May 7th.

                                                                                                                        ACTION all

- MP to ask webmaster to link secretary@fairtrade-standrews.org.uk email to AC’s personal account.                                                                                                       ACTION MP


6.  Report from University Fairtrade Steering Group

- LS was unable to attend but sent an update on the University group’s activity during Fairtrade Fortnight, which was read out.  This included attendance figures at all events (180), money raised and donated to the Fairtrade Foundation (£217) and a review of what did and didn’t go well, with suggestions for next year. 

- Free Fairtrade tea to be given away outside the Library on Thursday 30th April to promote wellbeing during the revision period.

7.  AOB - none

Next meeting: 7.30 Tuesday 26th May, 52 Hepburn Gardens – to be held only if necessary.