11th of February, 2015

Minutes of Meeting

St. Andrews Fairtrade Town Campaign - 11/02/15

Present: AM, LS, JC, MP, AC, PB

Apologies:   MR, PR, CC, CP, IC, HC

Matters arising

- AC to get back to our IMG contact for more details, following up the news that Amadeus, IMG’s caterer for the Dunhill and the Women’s Open, uses fair trade products.  Does IMG have a procurement policy?  What products are fair trade/Fairtrade?             ACTION AC

- We will hear about the status of the Fife Fair Trade Forum after its meeting in March.

- Liz Cotton had been elected as the Scottish representative on NCC.  It was suggested that we invite her to speak at the University. 

-  LS had acquired speakers for the University Debating Society’s debate on 'This house believes that Fairtrade has sold out to big business' on Feb 5th.  It was well attended;  contributions from the speakers and the floor suggested that fair trade is supported even by those who supported the proposal.

Financial report - unchanged at £113.28

Fairtrade Fortnight 23 Feb to 8 March 2015 -
The Fellowship students had collected information for the directory update from the town centre.  The Aquarium would like to be more involved in promotion of Fairtrade.  The remaining outlying premises to be visited by AC PB, and JC.  MP to input the information.                                                                                                      ACTION AC/PB/JC/MP

- AM to contact schools to ask about any Fairtrade Fortnight activity.        ACTION AM

- LS described the programme of events planned by the University Steering Group and distributed flyers.  The programme comprises: the StANZA poetry walk by Anna Crowe;  screening of ‘A Powerful Nation’, a film on women’s issues in the developing world, which has attracted attention from the St Andrews Feminist Society; chocolate and wine tastings;  a banana giveaway at the Sports Centre; and tote bag decorating at MUSA.   Publicity on the University website and Facebook.
British Open Golf Championship, July 2015
The R&A are moving ahead with their strategy document for the Open, including procurement and catering.  This will be trialled here in 2015 and then be used for all subsequent Open Championships.  In principle where a product could be Fairtrade, it will be.  MP to email Philip Russell to confirm the details discussed during our earlier meeting.  This includes:  bananas for the golfers; tea, coffee, hot chocolate, sugar, snacks and chocolates for visitors, both public and corporate; publicity in the programme.  A further suggestion is for cotton shopping bags.  LS to find out if the Swilken banana photo could be used in publicity.                                                                                                                                                        ACTION MP/LS 

- The R&A are willing to fly a St Andrews Fairtrade Town logo flag. 

- AM to find out what funding we could apply for from the Community Council for the flag and also for printing flyers to include the directory.                                                ACTION AM

Report from University Fairtrade Steering Group

(including information included above under 2 and 4)

The catering department is switching to 3663 from Brakes and has asked 3663 to compile a list of Fairtrade/fair trade goods available. 

- AC to contact M&S with information about the level of commitment to Fairtrade in the town and university, urging that they stock products accordingly, and requesting involvement in their opening event.                                                                                       ACTION AC

- MP has been in contact with Maureen Ferrier, the features editor of the Fife Free Press in relation to an article on Fairtrade Fortnight for the Fife Herald and the St Andrews Citizen.  A reference to Fairtrade at the Open would either be included or become the focus of another article nearer the time.  LS to supply photo.                                          ACTION LS

- AC mentioned the St Andrews TTIP Action Group which is campaigning against TTIP (Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership) and will be meeting the General Election candidates on March 4th.

- We discussed the Social Media training available from Scottish Fair Trade Forum.

.Next meeting: 7.30 Wednesday April 29th at 41 Lawmill Gardens