17th of November, 2015

Fairtrade Town Meeting

St. Andrews Fairtrade Town Campaign – 17/11/15

Present: AM, MP, AC, MR, PR, JC, CP, IC

1.  Apologies:   PB, LS, GK

2.  Matters arising

- MP and GK had attended the SFTF supporters’ conference on Sept 5th and made contact with Val Gwynne from the Troon Fairtrade town group.  She is now working with the R&A on Fairtrade provision at next year’s Open Championship.


- MP and GK had met with Phillip Russell and Michael Wells at the R&A and will remain in touch re further developments.


- AC had visited (a) the new M&S and Premier Inn to discuss their stocking of Fairtrade products, and (b) the Alfred Dunhill Links Championships.  Amadeo, the company providing catering for the Dunhill, supplies Fairtrade tea, coffee and hot chocolate.  AC to get back to our IMG contact to encourage them to supply Fairtrade bananas.                         ACTION: AC


- MP is in contact with Fife Council re flying our flag on the Town Hall during Fairtrade Fortnight.  In further correspondence since the meeting, this has been agreed.


- AC is in contact with the Merchants Association, awaiting a response re the Association re-endorsing our campaign and placing information on Fairtrade and the campaign in the next town guide.                                                                                                      ACTION: AC


- GK is currently recruiting members of this year’s University Fairtrade Steering Group and expects to have the first meeting in a few weeks.


3.  Financial report - £113.28.


4. Renewal of Fairtrade status

- MR is drafting the submission, which we looked at together.  To gather input from Fife Council we need to have a contact, now that Fife Fairtrade Forum has folded.  IC suggested a presentation to the next Community Council meeting on Dec 7th in order to make contact with our local councillors.  She will put this on the CC agenda.                     ACTION: IC,MR


- Fairtrade Fortnight plans – see below, item 8.


- We will focus on lobbying decision makers on trade justice as our intention for future plans.  PR to explore possibility of a subsidy for a Brussels lobbying trip.              ACTION:  PR

5.  B&B and hotels campaign
-  MP reported on the meeting between PR, JC and Ray Pead, who is keen to increase the supply of Fairtade products by his members, with an initial target of 5%.  They have put him in contact with Val Gwynne (Troon) for information and advice about how to do this.  AC and PR to attend the next St A Guest Houses and Hotels meeting on Nov 26th with a brief presentation and samples of coffee and chocolate.  PR to buy these from Aldi.  MP to forward correspondence with Mr Pead to AC and PR, and to check that our website links to wholesale suppliers are correct and up to date.                                                            ACTION: AC,PR,MP

6.  SFTF Awards Ceremony Glasgow, Nov 24th
- We have been nominated for an award and made plans for IC, PR, MP and AC to attend.


7.  Our 10th anniversary, St Andrews Day

- AC to send invitation to group members and partners for a potluck meal on 6.30 Nov 29th.  This will be an opportunity for publicity – a press release to the Citizen etc. ACTION: AC


8.  Fairtrade Fortnight, Feb 26 to March 13 2016

- Plans to join in with The Big Fairtrade Breakfast:  C Stihler and M Rhodes to be invited to an event/s serving ‘breakfast’ and focusing on lobbying for trade justice.  MP and PR to contact them to ask for a possible date.  MP also to contact Ben Stewart.  CP to contact Pat Matthewson re a venue in the Students Union.                             ACTION: MP,PR,CP            


- Coordination of this to continue before next meeting.                    ACTION: ALL


- MP reported on the inclusion of Kilombero rice in Transition University veg boxes – see their website.


Next meeting: 7.30 Wed 27th Jan, 3 St Leonards Road.