30th of August, 2013

Minutes of AGM and meeting 29 August 2013

Minutes 29 August 2013 - AGM


Present:  Mary Popple, Averill Marks, Alice Curteis, Marie Robinson, Izzy Corbin, Peter Robinson, Patrick Marks


Apologies, Julian Crowe, Tucker Diego

Matters arising from the minutes of the last meeting, 3 June 2013 

1           Our Fairtrade Town status has been successfully renewed.  To publicise this IC suggested photoshoot with councillors before the Community Council meeting on Sept 2.  AC/MP/MR to attend (6.40);  article to be drafted.

2           MR had attended the University steering group meeting on Aug 27.

3           MP to find out who is attending the Fife Schools day at Auchenderran from St Andrews with a view to encouraging contact with J Riches for a possible visit in the spring.

4           MR’s article had appeared in St Andrews in Focus.

5           AC to confirm with Open Association our interest in finding a speaker for next academic year.

6           MP had been in touch with the Vineyard;  nothing to report yet.      ACTION AC/MP/MR



PR reported on the year since the last AGM.  There has been no income and no expenditure and the balance continues to stand at £113.28.


AGM business

PM took the chair for the election of office bearers:-

Chair MP, proposed AM, seconded IC

Vice chair JC, proposed MR, seconded MP

Treasurer PR, proposed MP, seconded AM

Secretary AM proposed AC, seconded MR


Update on campaigns

1   Golfing sector, especially Dunhill 2014.  MP had been in contact with the organisers of the Alfred Dunhill Links Championship and since the meeting has received information confirming that the main caterers, though not the mobile caterers, already use Fairtrade products.  MP continuing to investigate so that by 2014 all Alfred Dunhill Links Championship catering outlets would provide FT.   We should invite the University group to work with us.  MP to go along to this year’s event (26-29 Sept) to look at catering arrangements.  PR to investigate the Golf Museum as a possible Fairtrade workplace.


     It was noted that it is time to start talking to the R&A about the next British Open;  MP to contact M Wells.      ACTION MP/PR


2   Accommodation sector.    MR to visit the tourist information office to discuss how visitors find out about Fairtrade use by B&Bs.   IC to investigate contributing a piece to the St Andrews Partnership newsletter.  We agreed to shift the focus from B&Bs to hotels.  IC to get contact details for manager of the Old Course to approach Rufflets, and to get a list of hotels to work from.     It was agreed to make use of the personal approach rather than writing.                                                                             ACTION:IC/MR


3   Supermarkets.  MR reported on the student Tesco campaign.  With no reponse from the supermarket yet, the letter is now to be sent to all 4 supermarkets (Aldi, Morrison, Tesco, Sainsburys).    We will ask JC to update us on any response from supermarkets in relation to our Fairtrade Fortnight plans at the next meeting.



1       PR is hoping to attend the Perth celebration of Scotland becoming a Fair Trade Nation on Sept 7th.

2       TD had requested help with the Freshers Fayre on Sept 15th.  MR and PR to attend.

3       TD also asked for FT recipes and photos.  MP to send one.

4       AC to write with apologies for not being able to support the Green Fayre on Sept 9th.

5       Renewal of the directory:  we will discuss this at the next meeting.

6       MP has been appointed trustee of Just Trading Scotland.    ACTION MR/PR/MP/AC

Next meeting 7.30pm,  Tuesday 15 Oct, 3 St Leonards Rd