10th of June, 2013

Minutes 3rd June 2013

Present:  Mary Popple, Averill Marks, Alice Curteis, Julian Crowe, Marie Robinson, Sarah Duley, Peter Robinson

Apologies:  Izzy Corbin



Matters arising from the minutes of the last meeting, 18 April 2013 

1           Following email contact with the organisers of the Dunhill 2014, MP is awaiting contact from their caterer.                                 ACTION: MP

2           JC has contacted Morrisons and Sainsbury and will continue to pursue the request for a stall during Fairtrade Fortnight 2014. ACTION: JC

3           MR’s article has been submitted to St Andrews in Focus for publication in July/August edition.

4           The University Open Association has a full list of speakers for 2013/4.  AC to contact organiser to confirm our interest for inclusion of a Fairtrade speaker in future programmes. ACTION: AC

5           Ben Seymour, geography teacher, is interested in St Leonards becoming a Fairtrade School, to be led by the eco-group.  He will be invited to our meetings.    ACTION: AC

6           AC to contact Brendan Fox, teacher at Madras involved with eco-group, to ask about school’s use of FT products and to suggest talk by John Ritches in the autumn. ACTION:AC

7           Rice challenge:  MP to contact Vineyard Church. ACTION: MP

8           Student supermarket action to focus on Tesco, including letter, petition and demand for more FT lines, from September.                             



No change.


Fairtrade status renewal  AC and MP had met to edit the application and during the meeting we continued to made additions and amendments.  MP to complete final draft, ask Keith MacCartney to provide signature as representative of local authority and submit application to Fairtrade Foundation. ACTION: MP


While compiling the action plan a number of action points arose:  JC to explore possibility of a Facebook page.  SD to send link re this to MP.   AC to invite K MacCartney to our next meeting. ACTION: JC/SD/AC



1       SD will be leaving her post on 5th July.  Her successor is Tucker Diego.  We asked to meet him before she leaves. ACTION:SD

2       AC to attend next University Steering Group meeting on 17th June. ACTION:AC

3       SD invited support for a Fairtrade stand at the Freshers Fayre.

4       SD to send MP the link to FT Google map. ACTION:SD

5       We noted the issues raised by the Scottish Fair Trade Forum meeting in Dundee recently.


Next meeting AGM, 7.30pm,  Thursday 29th August, 41 Lawmill Gardens, tbc