9th of May, 2013

Minutes 18th April 2013

Present:  Mary Popple, Averill Marks, Alice Curteis, Julian Crowe, Marie Robinson, Izzy Corbin


Apologies, Sarah Duley, Peter Robinson, Paul White


Matters arising from the minutes of the last meeting, 22 Nov 2012 

1           The banner was repaired free of charge by Reprographics. 

2           Liaison with University group: MR attended the meeting on Feb 1;  IC to attend the next one on 29 Apr;  MP was the external judge for the Fairtrade Bake-Off, see www.studentcooking.tv                                                            



No change.  IC to provide list of funding available from Community Council.


Fairtrade status renewal  We went through the notes on our two-year action plan that we had compiled at the last meeting.  AC to forward these together with the list of achievements since the last renewal to MP, for the final touches before submitting the application


IC suggested that one of us attend and speak to a Community Council meeting about renewing Fairtrade status, the aim being to raise awareness of the meaning of Fairtrade status.


While compiling the action plan a number of action points arose:  MR to find out more about the Dunhill competition;  JC to contact Morrisons/Sainsburys to ask for a stall during Fairtrade Fortnight 2014;  MP to check through our list of existing workplaces and to contact Lindsay Adam to explore further contact with businesses;  IC to provide contact details for Lindsay.                                                                                   ACTION:JC/MR/MP/IC


Update on campaigns

1   B&Bs.  Following limited success with B&Bs we decided to direct our attention towards hotels.  MP to look at St Andrews Partnership website;  IC to talk to the Partnership manager, P Laughlin.   We will seek publicity for the campaign with an article in St Andrews in Focus. MP and MR to work on a draft, including links to Scotland Fairtrade Nation status and the rice challenge.                                                                                               ACTION:IC,MP,MR


2        Just Trading’s 90kg rice challenge.

St Leonards and Cameron to have ongoing sales of rice.  Following J Riches’ talk 3 churches in the St Andrews area took on the challenge.  All of us to be on the lookout for more possible outlets.                                                                              ACTION:ALL


Fairtrade Fortnight 2013

The art activity attracted entries from St Leonards School, and MP introduced it to St Leonards Church Sunday school.  Photos on the website, some pending permission from parents. 


John Riches gave four talks in St Andrews and Cupar, which were all well received, although it was noted that those in St Andrews were not well attended despite the effort to publicise it, in contrast to those in Cupar.  However there is interest at St Leonards in working towards Fairtrade School status.  MP to contact the school to start discussions.   While considering the difficulty in attracting a good audience to talks in St Andrews, the University’s Open Association Friday evening lectures were mentioned.  AC to approach the organiser to discuss bringing in a Fairtrade speaker.                                               ACTION: AC/MP


Given that our Fairtrade Fortnight activity includes a focus on schools, we discussed how to improve our links with Madras College.  AM to find out who has the portfolio for environment and fair trade.  MP to explore bringing J Riches back to speak at Madras in the autumn.                                                                                                ACTION: AM/MP


Further ideas for promoting the rice challenge:  MP to approach the Vineyard Church, with help from IC about who to contact. IC offered a stall at the Macmillan coffee morning she is organising in early September.                                                          ACTION: MP/IC



1       The university group plans to target Tesco.

2       AC and SD had spoken to the morning assembly at Canongate Primary School.


Next meeting 7.30pm,  Monday 3 June, 52 Hepburn Gardens