31st of January, 2013

Minutes 24th January 2013

Present:  Mary Popple, Averill Marks, Alice Curteis, Julian Crowe, Peter Robinson, Marie Robinson


Apologies, Sarah Duley


Matters arising from the minutes of the last meeting, 22 Nov 2012 

No action had yet been taken to repair the banner.  AC to discuss this with Reprographics. 


Liaison with the University Fairtrade Steering Group – MR attended the meeting on Dec 4;  MP to attend the next one on Feb 1.                                                              ACTION:MP

Website  This was now working fully and MP had updated the directory recently. Links to various articles to be added                                                                          ACTION:MP

Fairtrade status renewal  We went through the template for reporting on our aims for the next two years.  AC to update and circulate this for further discussion.  Various action points to be included in the document.  In addition:  PR to email Scottish Fair Trade Forum to ask about the current situation concerning Scotland’s Fair Trade Nation status. 



Update on campaigns

B&Bs.  MP to try again to renew contact with St Andrews B&B Association.  AC to talk to the tourist information centre about ways to encourage the use of Fairtrade in the accommodation sector, following on from MR’s recent visit when staff there expressed an interest in promoting Fairtrade.                                                              ACTION:AC,MP


Just Trading’s 90kg rice challenge.

Churches:  MR/PR to contact J Sharp again re All Saints.                             ACTION MR/PR


Fairtrade Fortnight 2013

Some group members had met on Jan 3rd to make arrangements for the schools/youth group activity involving a collage/sculpture made from Fairtrade wrappings.  Schools, Sunday schools and Brownies/Guides had been contacted.  AC to email schools again to offer help and further information.  MP to mention it at University Fairtrade Steering Group meeting on Feb 1.                                                                                                         ACTION: AC/MP


MP to talk to St Leonards Sunday School on 24 Feb and hopefully produce a sculpture.  We will collect wrappers for this.  MP to request publicity for this in Sunday order of service and on Fairtrade stall.  Possible photo opportunity.                                        ACTION: ALL


Publicity for John Riches’ talk, 7pm for 7.30pm, School III, Feb 28.   MP/MR to draft article for St Andrews Citizen for publication on Feb 22, focusing on local church involvement, including photo of St Leonards/Cameron FT stall/rice challenge.  SD to be asked to publicise in the University – In the Loop etc.  AC to contact Bunny Slack.  MP to design flier/poster to email to all our contacts and for distribution around the town.             ACTION: ALL


Other arrangements for John Riches’ visit.   He will be talking to schools in Cupar on the Friday morning (March 1st), arranged by Cupar Peace and Justice Group, and we agreed to try to arrange for the same in St Andrews on the Thursday afternoon.  AC to approach M MacIntyre at St Leonards and the headteacher of Lawhead Primary School.  ACTION: AC



AC and PR had spoken to two Year 11 classes at St Leonards School on 14th Jan. 

Next meeting 7.30pm, Thursday 16 or 18 April, Lawhead of Radernie.  AC to contact IC to find out which date suits her.