1st of October, 2014

Minutes 1st October

Present:  Mary Popple, Peter Robinson, Alice Curteis, Julian Crowe, Helen Chalmers, Pauline Borthwick, Lynsey Smith, Catriona Campbell, Caitlin Price


Apologies, Averill Marks, Marie Robinson


We welcomed Helen and Pauline, Lynsey (Sustainability Officer and Chair of the University Fairtrade Steering Group), Catriona (Fairtrade Intern) and Caitlin Price (University’s Oxfam Society).


Matters arising from the minutes of the last meeting, 13 Aug 2014 

1           The three Links Trust clubhouses serve Fairtrade beverages.  To be added to the directory.


2           At the Big Green Fair on Sept 8th we had a stall displaying information and Fairtrade products, and we attracted about 30 sign-ups from people, mostly students, wanting to receive information about our activities.  We also met Caitlin Price.


Finance   balance still £113.28


Hotels and Guesthouses campaign  Most of the hotels have now been contacted, with some responses still to come.  So far only one is to be added to the directory.   PR had approached the St Andrews Guesthouse Association, with no result. Once interest has been aroused by next year’s British Open significant use of Fairtrade products (see below) we will try again to involve St Andrews hotels and guesthouses.  An updated directory could be circulated at that time (see next item).


British Open and other golf championships   MP and AC had met with Roddy Yarr and the R&A team involved in championships and sustainable development to discuss use of Fairtrade products at next year’s British Open.  The R&A are currently developing criteria for the new certification GEO (Golf Environmental Organization), which will become an international standard for the game.  


The meeting focused on how to maximise and promote the use of Fairtrade products as part of this.  It will become mandatory for organisations seeking GEO certification to provide Fairtrade coffee, tea, sugar and bananas across the board from spectators to players, officials and corporate hospitality visitors.


Publicity will include routine explicit mention of Fairtrade in printed material and signage.  We advised on the correct use of the FAIRTRADE Mark and suggested making use of the St Andrews Fairtrade Town logo where the Mark may not be used.  This is important given that the Fairtrade Foundation does not yet give Fairtrade status to events, as communicated recently by James Bennett of the Foundation.  AC to forward information to Michael Wells.



MP to contact the hotels in official partnership with the R&A (Old Course and Rusacks) to confirm their position in relation to providing Fairtrade beverages to visitors during the Open (and beyond, for inclusion in the directory).                                                      ACTION MP


The idea of the R&S becoming a flagship employer for the Fairtrade County or Town was raised.


(continuing with Fairtrade Town meeting business) 

MP to contact Martin Rhodes (Scottish Fair Trade Forum) and James Bennett (Fairtrade Foundation) to ask how they would like us to follow up these developments.  LS to investigate cost of a flag.  We discussed the possibility of seeking funding to publish a new directory in 2015, which could be distributed to hotels and guesthouses, again inviting them to be included as appropriate.                                                                ACTION MP/LS


Fairtrade Fortnight 2015, 23 Feb to 8 March

LS to propose to the Playfair Project and the Fellowship that they become involved in collecting data for the 2015 directory, to be updated in time for the Fortnight.



JC to contact Eleanor Livingstone to discuss the possibility of a schools poetry competition linked to plans for a StAnza poetry walk with a Fairtrade theme on March 5th.  We could provide prizes.                                                                                                         ACTION JC


Given that the Fairtrade debate (see below) is so close to the Fortnight we decided not to invite a Fairtrade producer to speak this year.


Report from the University Fairtrade Steering Group

LS had chaired a meeting on 29th September, attended by AM.  The University’s Fairtrade status had been renewed, until 2016.  There is a new range of post-600 anniversary Fairtrade-branded clothing.  A number of moves had been suggested or put in place to improve attendance at events:  CC has a newly created role as Fairtrade intern with responsibility for events and marketing;  the steering group is seeking partnership with other similar organisations involved in, for example, chocolate tasting, wine tasting, the Rag Week catwalk, and a debate during Rag Week on Feb 5th.   LS invited input on finding a speaker and coming up with a suitable motion for the debate.  MP to contact Martin Rhodes.  ACTION MP                                                         


Next meeting 7.30pm,  Thursday December 11th, 52 Hepburn Gardens.