13th of August, 2014

Minutes 13th August

Minutes St Andrews Town Fairtrade Campaign Group 13th August 2014

Present: Mary Popple, Alice Curteis, Marie Robinson, Peter Robinson, Averill Marks

Apologies: Julian Crowe, Izzy Corbin, Lynsey Smith

Matters Arising

There is a possibility of future funding from the Community Council 200Club and the Common Good Fund. Lynsey Smith is our new contact with University Fairtrade Group.


AGM business

PM took the chair for the election of office bearers.

Chair MP, proposed by AC, seconded by MR

Vice chair JC, proposed by  AM, seconded by PR

Treasurer PR, proposed by AC, seconded by   PM

Secretary AC, proposed by MP, seconded by MR


Financial report

PR reported on the year since the last AGM. There has been no income and no expenditure and the balance continues to be £113.28.


Big Green Fair.

AC has booked a stall at the student fair on Monday 8th September 2014 from11am until 3pm. It is located on St Katherine’s Lawn behind the library.  The rota 11-12 MP, 12-1 AC, 1-2 MR and 2-3 AM. The banner, fairtrade banana, fliers and a basket of fairtrade produce will be on display.  MP will co-ordinate after 1st September 2104.


British Golf Open 2015

MP had met with Michael Wells, the director of the championships. He is keen to have the Open declared as  ‘Fairtrade event’ but no response has been obtained by MP or Martin Rhodes from the Fairtrade Foundation. It was suggested that MW should apply directly to the Foundation. Tea, coffee, sugar and bananas will all be Fairtrade even if it is not a certified Fairtrade event. The Fairtrade logo will be used on paperwork if the Open can become a certified Fairtrade Event.


Alfred Dunhill Championships

AC is to write to the Links Trust to see whether FT produce can be served in its restaurants.


 Hotels and Guest Houses

An email is to be sent to all hotels to arrange a meeting to discuss the use of FT products.  AC is writing the email and we will each contact about 3 or 4 hotels.

Linda-Anne Beaulier is a contact for guest houses in St Andrews and is willing to circulate information to members about fairtrade. PR is to contact her.


The Fife Fairtrade Group has been working on procurement issues relating to Fife Council. Drinks machines in Fife Council properties will stock FT drinks and during FT fortnight schools will have FT food on the menu.

The committee thanked Averill for undertaking the secretary role this past year

Date of next meeting

The next meeting is on Wednesday 1st October 2014 at 7.30pm and will be held in Mary ‘s house, 3 St Leonard’s Road.