4th of October, 2012

Minutes 4th October 2012


Present:  Mary Popple, Averill Marks, Peter Robinson, Marie Robinson, Alice Curteis, Julian Crowe, Sarah Duley


Apologies   Izzy Corbin

Matters arising from the minutes of the last meeting, 23 August 2012 

Today’s meeting was wrongly labelled in the minutes as an AGM.

Our request for inclusion in the next Official St Andrews Map and Guide has been responded to by R Pead.  AC to follow this up.       ACTION:AC

Liaising with the University Steering Group 

Sarah Duley was welcomed to the meeting.  As Sustainability Officer in the Environment Team at Estates, she has responsibility for supporting the Steering Group.  MR will attend the next meeting of the group on 15 October.  We look forward to working together through the year, attending each other’s meetings and collaborating over events such as those during Fairtrade Fortnight.   ACTION:MR


We confirmed that fairly traded products will continue to be listed in the directory with a note explaining the contrast with Fairtrade.  We will use our discretion about which labels to include.


Current balance unchanged at £113.28.

Fairtrade Scotland booklets 

We have 1500 to distribute.  AC to follow up MR’s visit to the town library to discuss a photo opportunity and to contact D Miller inviting him to cover the event.  SD to explore potential for distribution within the University.  Other recipients:  health centre, schools, tourist information centre, chaplaincy centre, churches, library itself, and shops and cafes.  Action relating to distribution as follows:  local schools AC, including letter offering further copies; AM to find out about internal mail for schools in Fife Council:  PR to get contact details for I McAulay (educational representative on Fife Fair Trade Forum) to find out whether distribution to schools is already in hand;  MP, MR and PR to divide up town centre shops/cafes/Byre Theatre; churches (when we contact churches for the 90 kg rice challenge – see below – booklets could be distributed at the same time)  Note:  Con Panna is mentioned in the booklet so may want several.  ACTION: AC,SD,AM,MP,MR,PR

Fairtrade status renewal 

B Aitken (Environment Team) would forward documentation relating to this if requested.  AC had listed actions and achievements since last renewal. AC, JC and MR to meet on 9 Oct to work on a draft.  We aim to complete this by February 2013.   ACTION:AC,JC,MR                                           

Update on campaigns

B&Bs.  MP to contact P Izatt of the St Andrews B&B Association to offer a speaker on Fairtrade.                                                                                                            ACTION:MP

Work places. L Brown, secretary of the Merchants Association has agreed to forward a questionnaire to members to update information on their use of Fairtrade products.  ACTION:AC                                                                                                                            

Just Trading’s 90kg rice challenge.  We discussed approaching churches, school and the University.  Churches to be contacted as follows:  MP/MR St Leonards and Cameron (already agreed);  MR/PR Holy Trinity, Hope Park, Baptists and Free Church: MP All Saints and St Andrews Episcopalian; AC St James and Quakers.  Schools:  MP to meet M Lawrence on 5 Oct for advice on how to work with primary schools;  there is an educational pack for this purpose. University: SD to confirm where the University sources its rice.  PR had heard from D Clelland, Cupar Peace and Justice Group, agreeing to the idea of jointly hosting a talk from John Riches.  SD expressed interest too, and she will look for a university venue.  MP to contact JR to see if he is available in or near Fairtrade Fortnight.  Senior school pupils and Guides could be invited.           ACTION:MP,MR,PR,SD,AC


AM suggested that Dos Mundos might value the opportunity for a pop-up shop within the University.  SD to enquire.                                                                               ACTION:SD

We discussed the pros and cons of a paper version of the directory and remain undecided.  However it was agreed to continue the updating process in early 2013.

It is National Chocolate Week next week.

Certificates:  AM will produce more once MP has passed on information of which ones are needed.                                                                                             ACTION:AM,MP

Next meeting 7.30pm, Thursday 22 November, 52 Hepburn Gardens.