23rd of August, 2012

AGM minutes

Minutes AGM 23 August 2012


Present:  Mary Popple, Averill Marks, Peter Robinson, Marie Robinson, Alice Curteis, Julian Crowe, Patrick Marks


Matters arising from the minutes of the last meeting, 7 June 2012

     JC had looked at some of the information we received from the Fairtrade Foundation about research into the effectiveness of Fairtrade.  It seems that there is more such research being done and that the arguments of the IEA, which had prompted us to ask the Foundation for more research evidence, are not convincing in the light of it.  We feel we were right to raise the question and that it continues to be a controversial issue.  We could include some of what we have discovered in our next leaflet, something we will discuss at our next meeting.

     AC had contacted the Merchants Association about a mention in the next Official St Andrews Guide – no reply as yet

AC to contact Estates to find out who has taken over from Duncan Smart as chair of the University Fairtrade Steering Group ACTION:AC

AGM business

Patrick Marks took the chair. The following nominations were made and approved:

MP to remain as chairperson (AC proposed, MR seconded)

JC to remain as vice-chairperson (MP proposed, AM seconded)

AC to remain as secretary (MR proposed, MP seconded)

PR to remain as treasurer (MP proposed, AM seconded)


Current balance £113.28.  Expenditure for the year £41.26, income £37.00.  

Update on campaigns

     B&Bs.  MP to contact P Izatt of the St Andrews B&B Association to offer a speaker on Fairtrade. ACTION: MP

Work places. AC had emailed the secretary of the Merchants Association requesting an update on members’ use of Fairtrade products and to offer a speaker.  She will follow this up with a phonecall.  We may arrange to visit other premises to gather information. ACTION: AC

Just Trading.  MP reported on our contribution to the work of Just Trading when some of us manned their stall at CLAN in July.   We agreed to continue to support their work, encouraging local churches and schools to take the 90kg rice challenge, and to request that schools and the university consider procuring Just Trading’s Malawian rice.  John Riches would come to address schools or ourselves.  PR to contact Cupar Peace and Justice Group to see if they’d be interested in a talk during Fairtrade Fortnight.  MP to get hold of the Just Trading schools leaflets/pack, and to find out from John Riches how best to contact schools. ACTION: MP, PR

 Renewal of Fairtrade status

AC to fill in the part of the application form relating to information about past achievements.  At the next meeting we will look at the section on goals and plans.  JC to draft a letter to the Citizen inviting readers to send us information about their use of Fairtrade products in work places, holiday accommodation and other outlets.  Later we will place an article in the Citizen publicising the renewal of Fairtrade status.ACTION: AC, JC

Fair Trade Scotland booklets

The booklets for Fife are to be distributed to public libraries.    At the next Fife Fairtrade Forum meeting MR will find out what ideas there are to publicise this and then contact the St Andrews library to organise a photo opportunity when the booklets arrive. ACTION: MR

All in Fife project

AC reported on Kamil Trzebiatowski’s All in Fife project.  He is coordinating information about people’s work in the community and publishing it on his blog.  He had contacted AC and we have already submitted a letter to the blog.  Later he will arrange a meeting with AC.       



Next meeting  AGM 7.30pm, Thursday 4th October.