12th of October, 2010

Minutes of St Andrews Fairtrade Town Campaign Meeting on 12th October 2010

Present: Alice Curteis, Marie Robinson, Peter Robinson, Mary Popple

Apologies: Averill Marks, Barbara Aitken

 Read previous Minutes of 19 August 2010

1. Matters Arising from last Meeting

Martin Rhodes is Betsy Reed's successor at SFTF.

AC and MP have not yet visited the R&A Clubhouse.

MR gave out the certificates to Tailend, Boots, Sue Ryder and Greggs.  Holland and Barrett have requested another one.

MR to count remaining certificates and find out if AM is able to produce and laminate more as required.

AC still to install a spam filter on her e-mail program.

FFTF have still no flagship employer (as far as is known).

2. Meeting at University Estates with University Fairtrade steering group, 15th September 2010 

AC had attended, along with D. Smart (Chair), B. Aitken and representatives of Procurement and RBS staff.

AC had spoken about what our group does.

University Green Week will start on Monday 29 November; AC to contact R. Everard re their plans so that we can support these if possible.

A Kenyan coffee producer is coming to speak at the university around the time of Fairtrade Fortnight, and it is hoped that our group can link in with any events organised by the university or SFTF.

3. Anniversary Event, Saturday 27 November 2010, St Leonards Church Hall

MP to contact Christine Brown (church secretary) re numbers limit for hall and advise her of our agenda, and we want to book the hall from 6 - 11pm.

It was agreed that we should have an automatic PP slideshow of local Fairtrade venues and events, while people arrive and during supper.  More photographs can be added to the ones we have.  PR to send relevant CD to MP.

AC to up-date existing guest list.

MR to procure a current churches list.

All to send in additional names and contact details of those not already covered.

MP will borrow hall key from Christine.

MR to contact Janet Robinson to ask if she can design and invitation to be e-mailed to an initial list of invitees.  Further people will be invited if numbers permit.

Subject to budgetary constraints (£60 should be retained in our account), it was agreed that we should provide Fairtrade juice, water, tea and coffee; also nibbles on tables; and a birthday cake or cakes; cups glasses plates and cutlery.

Details to be included on the invitation are: Potluck Buffet; St Andrews Fairtrade Town Campaign; 5th Anniversary of St Andrews becoming a Fairtrade Town; Birthday celebration at St Leonard's Church Hall, Donaldson Gardens, St Andrews KY......; 7.30 for 8pm; talk by Stephanie Cymber, Scottish Government International Development Team; please bring a cold savoury or sweet dish to share; music by Dry Island Buffalo Jump; RSVP by Fri 12th November. 

4. The Website

MP reported that Alasdair is ready to switch over to the new site as soon as final amendments are made.  AP will invoice PR in due course.  PR requested help accessing mail via the Treasurer's new email address.

5. AOB

(i) Morrison's supermarket will contact MR soon about a Fairtrade stall in Fairtrade Fortnight in 2011.

(ii) AC has discovered a blog for advertising events etc. in St Andrews, which might be useful for our group.

6. Date of Next Meeting

Tues 18 November 2010 at Lawhead of Radernie at 7.30pm.  


AC 1,2,3;   AM 1;  MP 3,4;  MR 1,3;  PR 3