21st of January, 2010

Minutes of St Andrews Fairtrade Town Campaign Meeting on 21st January 2010

Present: Alice Curteis, Marie Robinson, Peter Robinson, Mary Popple, Averill Marks

Apologies: none


1. Matters Arising from last Meeting (29 October 2009)

MR still to contact V. Murrie re. use of Fairtrade products in the cafe at St Andrews Community Hospital.

PR to speak to contact re. Petherum Bridge flower bed. 

MP to contact R&A and liaise with AC re. e-mail.

MR to ask A. Smith how much is owed to him for production of certificates.

2. Fairtrade Fortnight 22 February - 7 March 2010

An email from a OWS representative was read out and discussed. It was decided to offer help with the students' coffee morning, still to be finalised, if possible. Samples of Fairtrade chocolate to be offered to OWS for use during their events. MR to contact OWS representative to invite students' participation in the 'Big Swap' event.

It was decided to hold a 'Big Swap' event outside Tesco, Market Street, on Sat 27 Feb. 2010, with groups of 3 or 4 handing out A5 sized leaflets based on the Cupar Fairtrade Town group's swap request leaflet used 2 or 3 years previously.

MR to contact OWS representative to invite students' participation in the 'Big Swap' event.

PR/MR to produce leaflets.

MR to draw up a rota of our helpers, and to inform police.

AC to ask possible participants in a 'big swap' photo at Tesco to be taken the previous week, to send together with a short article about the event to St Andrews Citizen and Dundee Courier (by 24 Feb).  MR and AC to liaise over text, all to help with photo as required

3. Finances

PR reported that we currently have £201 in account.  AS may be owed some for producing certificates.

4. Open 2010

MP confirmed that our Fairtrade Town logo will be used wherever Fairtrade products are being used in the tented village.  MP to enquire if some reference to Fairtrade usage could be included in the programme.The need for more publicity was discussed.  MP to contact a features editor from Glasgow Herald  regarding a possible article in it.

PR had sent MP the logo file at as high resolution as possible.

MP to ask if it would be possible to have an information table at an appropriate venue, using the banner. 

Possibilities for publicity involving SFTF or others to be investigated.

5. Fife Fair Trade Forum

MP, PR and MR gave an update on progress towards applying for Fairtrade County status for Fife (hopefully this year).  

New groups working towards Fairtrade Town status had been formed in Newport and Dalgety Bay.

The Forum hopes soon to choose a logo and have a FFTF banner designed and produced.Ideas for associated entertainment will be discussed further.

6. AOB

Members signed a card for A. Smith, who had moved to Inverness and therefore left the committee.  Our thanks and best wishes were noted.

7. Date of Next Meeting

Date of next meeting : Wed 24 March 2010, at Blebo at 7.30pm

ACTIONS: AC: 1, 2;  MR:1, 2;  PR: 1, 2;  MP: 1, 4