16th of February, 2012

Minutes of St Andrews Fairtrade Town Campaign Meeting on 16 February 2012

Present: Mary Popple, Averill Marks, Peter Robinson, Julian Crowe, Marie Robinson, Alice Curteis, Duncan Smart (chair, University of St Andrews Fairtrade Steering Group)


Matters arising from the minutes of the last meeting, 12 Jan 2012

i MP still to respond to Justrading, though it is not clear what support we might be able to offer.

ii AC and DS to look through press cuttings from 2011 and send references (date and name of newspaper) to MP for Fife Fair Trade Forum.

iii JC had drafted a question for the Fairtrade Foundation, challenging them to provide a more detailed response to the IEA report. We made suggestions for a final version. AC to forward it when complete. ACTION:MP,AC,DS,JC



Unchanged from last time.


Fairtrade Fortnight

i Online directory. Most of the work on updating the directory has now been done, with a few places still to visit and report to MP.

ii Step out for Fairtrade competition. We checked the list of shops and cafes to include in the trail. DS to approach BESS. AC, MR and DS to hand in the Fairtrade logos to shops still needing them. We will all need to check that logos and items are in place from 27 Feb. Publicity: poster and email action mostly complete; MP to submit article to Citizen for Friday 24 Feb ACTION:ALL

iii Fairtrade speaker. Abu Kamal, Palestinian farmer, producer of olive oil. March 10th, 2.30, Venue 2, Students Union. Short talk, question and answer session and olive oil tasting, hosted jointly by us and the University Fairtrade Steering Group, with support from the Students Association. Publicity to consist of (a) AC and DS emailing all relevant individuals, organisations and networks, (b) MP’s article, as above. AC to invite Dougie Miller. DS to invite student media groups. MP to provide olive oil, DS to organise bread and nibbles. MP to introduce the speaker, DS to ask Patrick O’Hare, President of the Students Association, to make closing remarks. ACTION:DS,AC,MP

iv AC still to contact local groups asking for information about action for Fairtrade Fortnight for inclusion on the website. ACTION:AC

AOB. Martin Rhodes will be speaking to the Sustainable Development Society at 4pm on Wed 22 Feb, venue tbc. Everyone welcome. MP to email Bruce S to inform Fife Fair Trade Forum. ACTION: MP


Next meeting 15 March, 7.30 at Lawhead of Radernie, to include discussion of B&B campaign and updating our information on workplaces.