Why Fair Trade matters


University wins Fairtrade Award

We are proud that the University of St Andrews has won the Fairtrade University of the Year award, awarded jointly by the Fairtrade Foundation and the National Union of Students. Well done to all staff and students who have made this possible.  Members of the University's Fairtrade Steering Group work closely with the town Fairtrade group and together we achieve much more than individually through encouragement and joint events.  With The 150th Open also strongly supporting Fairtrade this summer - all tea, coffee, bananas, sugar and much more were sourced via Fairtrade - the town can truly be said to embrace the ethos of trade justice. 

In the photographs are the University Environmental Officer, University Sustainability Coordinator, and the Students Association President together with members of the St Andrews Fairtrade Town Group.

Updated: 1st August 2022