StAnza walks for Fair Trade

StAnza walks for Fair Trade

The annual poetry festival celebrates Fair Trade in its annual walk

Thursday 5th March saw around 50 people take part in the annual poetry walk during the prestigious StAnza poetry festival in the town.  On a sunny but blustery morning Anna Crowe led a walk around the town stopping at interesting locations to read thought provoking poems.  The list of poems were:

Pablo Neruda The great tablecloth (translated by Alastair Reid) read at the Byre Garden

George Mackay Brown Uranium 2 at the plaque to George Martine MD, FRS, 1700 -41, in South St

Robert Fergusson extract from Lines to the Principal and Professors of the University of St Andrews, on their superb Treat to Dr Samuel Johnson, in the Cathedral ruins

Elizabeth Burns An eighteenth-century experiment at the East Scores, over-looking the harbour

Bernard O'Donoghue Fighting over the water The Castle

George Mackay Brown Children in Need All Saints Church

Kathleen Jamie Landfall North St where swallows nest

Edip Cansever Table (translated from the Turkish by Julia Clare Tillinghurst and Richard Tillinghurst) at Janettas in South St where FairTrade products are sold

John Donne Devotions upon Emergent Occasions, Meditation 17, Gregory's meridian line, South St

Billy Ramsell The Magic Carpet, Renton's Oriental Carpets, South St, a seller of fairly traded furniture

This was a hugely inspiring event showing that fair trade and justice in trade are part of a far wider movement seeking equality and justice.  Our thanks to Anna for taking this on and inspiring many people.

Updated: 9th March 2015