Fatima Ismael

Fairtrade Fortnight 2014

New Directory and Producer Talk

On Saturday 1st March we will be handing out the Directory at Morrisons Supermarket between 10 and 3pm so pick one up there.  There will be a talk, organised in conjunction with the Unversity Fairtrade Group from, Fatima Ismael a Fairtrade coffee producer from Nicaragua, also on 1st March at 2pm, in Parliament Hall, South Street.  All are welcome and there will be samples of coffee to taste.  Fatima has 25 years of experience working with producers alongside campaigning for fair pricing and social justice, and will be discussing the success of Fair Trade among the producers she represents.


The students have an active Fairtrade Group and are holding several events around the town, including a pop up banana man promoting the Fairtrade Foundation theme for the Fortnight of encouraging us to eat Fairtrade bananas.

Updated: 21st February 2014