Handing over Fairtrade Scotland leaflets at the library

Scotland Fairtrade Guide 2012

Get your copy at the library or Oxfam

Members of St Andrews Fairtrade Town Campaign, St Andrews University Fairtrade Steering Group, and Fife Fair Trade Forum delivered copies of Scotland Fairtrade Guide, 2012, toSt Andrews Library on Wednesday 24th October. The booklet contains articles and information about the push for Scotland to be declared a Fairtrade Nation later this year - the second country in Britain to do so. If you would like to learn more about this, or where to buy Fairtrade products, learn what the different parts of Scotland have already achieved towards Fairtrade status, or wish to be inspired by people who believe in Fair Trade, just come along to the library and pick up a free booklet.

Updated: 24th October 2012